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Who we are

Since 2007, Change the Conversation has been a leader in communications strategy and implementation, bringing tailored service to a selection of industry-niche clients looking to strengthen and secure how their brand communicates.

What we do

Our strategy focuses on understanding how customers engage and interact with a client’s brand, products and services. Then, by illuminating and understanding broader business goals, we find and implement effective and innovative communication solutions to drive a client’s growth and value.

Through unique digital strategy, external communications and public relations, we set our client’s onto a strengthened path of clear communication on which they can establish, and further solidify, productive relationships between them and their customers.

This all-encompassing communicative approach ensures that we are able to align a client’s brand across various mediums for the sole purpose of strengthening, improving and forging relationships with loyal, passing and new customers.

Our Culture & Philosophy

Great communications are a product of a meticulous process and a considered approach.

We are a hands-on consultant. The objectives of our clients become our own : Together, we develop a communications strategy to maximise the chance for business success. Driven by clear objectives and defined criteria, we manufacture a clear path to enhance the type of visibility that brings about these objectives.

Our boarding process is distinctly tailored for our clients where we begin with an unmasking workshop for each, to gain new insight into their business and communications strategy. Competitor research then concretes the platform for lift-off, where we identify unique objectives for use in a refreshed and tailored public relations strategy.

Through regular, structured client contact, we enhance this strategy, perpetually reviewing it, providing the opportunity for change and adaptation when necessary — always ensuring maximum impact and value for money.

Our Values


Honesty drives our business and conversations.


Honesty drives our business and conversations.


To timeously deliver an effective communications strategy.


In everything we do.

Bryanston, Johannesburg
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