We believe everything consumers do is driven by conversations.
We change or amplify those conversations to affect behavior and drive results.

About us

Change the Conversation is an independent full service communications specialist that delivers exceptional results by changing conversations. Our clients enjoy working with the partners of the agency to pinpoint the conversations that drive their business. We alter or amplify those conversations to change behaviour and drive sales. 
What a company stands for relies solely on perception, but perception is precious, fragile, rare and vulnerable.

Image can change overnight, whether it’s igniting interest or burning a reputation’s integrity.
At Change the Conversation we know how to manage image and reputation, nurturing them with the art of social science. This together with our understanding of trends and our insight into predicting consequences, allows us to provide expert advice and proactively implement the planned action.

Our Services

Communications ›

As reputation management experts with collective experience exceeding three decades, Change the Conversation will develop a complete Brand Conversation Strategy, igniting a conversation with an idea that captures imaginations.

Our strenghts include

  • We are a boutique agency with a team of specialised experts focused on niche markets.
  • A senior account director is directly responsible and accountable for each client.
  • Experienced senior writers.
  • Strong media relations skills and good knowledge of target media.
  • We tap into new trends to ensure that we offer our clients a cutting-edge service.
  • We form strong partnerships with our clients. We treat our business as you would your own, grow with it and form sound relationships.

Dealing with the media, presenting or selling your products requires unique skills. At CTC will ensure that you are well trained and prepared for any question on any medium.

We deliver clear, persuasive, tailor-made messaging that grabs the attention of the right people and creates memorable conversations, getting people talking about your brand. Our strategic relationship with the media assists us in building your brand to targeted markets.

We offer you insight into integrated reporting, moving you away from having to report to stakeholders, to wanting to report to them.

We help you proactively avoid disasters and negative conversations before they happen.

To motivate, retain and inspire the best staff, CTC helps you instil your organisational values and create conversations incorporating your key communication messages to indirectly add to productivity and earnings.

Digital ›

We assist companies to succeed in our increasingly digital world. We work to understand and translate user behaviour into solutions that meet business and brand objectives.

The future of business is social, We help you to join in the conversation, and have a direct link to your customers/clients, while encouraging awareness and brand continuity.

CTC Digital is responsible for the strategy behind the, design and development of some of Australia and South Africa’s most influential digital experiences. Our work includes e-commerce, content and community sites, as well as Web applications, intranets and brand communication platforms.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about bridging the gap between your potential customers and your primary product and service keywords through the search engines. There are a multitude of structural and peripheral elements throughout your website that can either increase or decrease your website’s performance in the search engine. These elements need to be working together towards delivering results.

CTC provides a thorough SEO Audit of your website to ensure that all of these elements are optimised and working for you

We provide:

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Content development
  • Web page and content optimisation
  • Monthly management and link building

PPC is fast becoming a high yield sector within online marketing. Another instrumental element in your marketing strategy it adds valuable visibility to your products and services in the search engine results pages.

CTC is the exclusive developer and of Health24 Australia. This includes content, video production, photography, animation, copywriting and editorial development.

Other services include:

  • Populating social media channels for search engine optimization, to syndicate content, or to build branded media properties.
  • Creating information repositories that enable users to better research products or self-solve customer service problems

Creative ›

Our dynamic creative team comprises skilled professionals who are excited about planning, new, innovative, and interesting ways of translating your ideas into reality. We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their goals and objectives to craft impactful design and written work that will get people talking about you.

Design is a visual language. Our creative team combines illustration, images, text and colour to best complement the Brand Conversation Strategy and create lasting impressions.

Our creative team conceptualises one brilliant idea that works across mediums and that delivers results. Our approach creates conversations that build awareness, differentiation, and image to ultimately change behaviour in line with your tailor-made Brand Conversation objectives.

From concept, design and scriptwriting, CTC produces cutting-edge videos in line with your unique Brand Conversation objectives.


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